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I build User Experiences and Teams.
Both with lots of love.

Digital products should not only look good, they should also be designed according to expectations. For me, user experience means I know my target audience, know the goal and the problem the user want to solve with the application. I observe the user and learn to develop the best possible solution for him. User Experience Design is more than picking up on the latest visual trends. It's listening, looking, testing and evolving. The most important insight for me is:
You can not do smart User Experiences as a one-man show!
After more than 10 years of passionate work, I focused on designing and leading high performing teams. The interplay of UX designers, UX Reserachers, development and product management is critical to a solution that thrills users.

Short CV

  • Current Job: Head of UX at idealo
  • Education: Dipl. Designer
  • Working Experience: UX Design, Usability Design, User Interface Design, UX Research, Desktop Applications, Web and Mobile
  • Special Experience: Instructor Admission (AeVO) IHK Berlin Guest Lecturer Activities


Communication, Patients, Inquisitiveness, excellent Organizer and Teamplayer


  • Lucky Strike Junior Design Award - Special Recognition 2003
  • Bestes Design aus Sachsen-Anhalt - Ehrung vom Bundespräsidenten 2004
  • Gigamaus "Bestes Tool" - für Plopp Das 3D Malprogramm 2006
  • Member of Sony Ericssons Mobile 2020 Competition - 2007

What made me to be me.

My previous path has taken me past many different digital projects.


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